MegaDownloader is a completely legal and legitimate software. Its main objective is to facilitate downloads from Mega's servers, offering some functions that the original company does not offer. For example, thanks to this download manager, you can get the content of several links at the same time, pause your downloads, or even start them when you turn on your computer.

It is important not to link MegaDownloader directly to the illegal distribution of copyrighted content. In fact, all the advantages offered by this tool can be used to download your own content, private files, or documents that other users have shared with us, or royalty-free multimedia content. All such actions are legal and do not violate any intellectual property laws.

On the other hand, although Mega was founded by Kim Dotcom as a successor to Megaupload and Megavideo, its current focus is completely different. Today, Mega is nothing more than a service focused on cloud storage, characterized by a high degree of security and privacy. In fact, one of its strengths is the powerful file encryption, activated by default for all users. Moreover, according to Kim himself, he no longer owns the service and has lost all connection with it. In any case, MegaDownloader is not an official tool, and as a consequence, is not related to any of the companies mentioned.

Before downloading this convenient Mega link manager, you should make sure that you do so through a reliable source. From Malavida, we recommend that you get it from their official website,, or our servers. This last option will provide you with a fast and secure download.