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Memtest86 is a tool that comes in LiveCD format to carry out tests on the computer's RAM memory. Find any memory problem you may have thanks to Memtest86

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If you've noticed that your computer's memory isn't running too well, it's advisable to check its performance. To do so you can make use of a tool like Memtest86. This application in LiveCD format allows you to test the RAM memory of your PC to locate any error. Memtest86 is more efficient than other testing programs based on BIOS, as it's more efficient when it comes to finding intermittent memory errors.

Make sure your RAM memory is working correctly.

Main features

  • Allows you to use it on any computer compatible with x86 architectures.
  • Can be used from a USB memory stick.
  • Carries out a wide range of tests on the RAM memory,
  • The results of the analysis are shown in a report.

Memtest86 is a free tool that simplifies the RAM memory maintenance task. It's easy to use, light and we can carry it around with us on a USB memory stick to launch it from any computer.

Download Memtest86 for free and check your memory's status.

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