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1.31.1 Hunt down aliens like in Pokémon Go with Men in Black AR, a fun and exciting application game for Android devices based on the famous movie franchise
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Become one of the Men in Black (or Women in Black) and catch all the criminal aliens hiding in your city. Use your device's augmented reality and geolocation system to bring order to your city.

Go out into the street and explore the world to find and capture the invading aliens thanks to location-enhanced augmented reality technology.

Get them all!

The MiB movie franchise followed successful games like Pokémon Go and The Walking Dead: Our World to bring us a similar game based on its unique universe. This way, we can track down and face dangerous aliens as we walk down the street.

Unlock MiB's galactic weapons arsenal in the battle against the alien threat.

The difference with other games is that, instead of throwing pokeballs at our targets or killing zombies, we will have to capture aliens. Once we spot one on the street and touch it, the combat screen will open. To catch it, we will have to shoot it with the gun we have equipped the moment the target passes over the alien.

The battles take place in turns, where we will have a limited number of attacks, and if the alien reduces our life bar, it will escape. Once we have captured an alien, it can help us in our mission. Furthermore, we will be able to use them to participate in huge team battles.

If you need the motivation to get out of the house, Men in Black AR provides a fun and exciting experience that will liven up our walks accompanied by characters greatly loved by the public. Also, its graphics are very detailed and have lots of features to make our adventure smoother, such as increasing our arsenal. The Ludare Group studio has surely done its job very well.

Requirements and additional information:
Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
Ludare Group Inc.
Over a year ago
This year
340 MB

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