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Download Mercury for free to chat with your MSN Messenger and Live Messenger contacts or to establish a videoconference. Mercury also includes an RSS reader

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Mercury is a messenger client ideal to be able to chat with our Live Messenger and MSN Messenger clients. Thanks to this software application we will be able to carry out videoconferences by means of our webcam, send and receive all kinds of files, or record the conversations that we maintain with our friends and family.

  One of the greatest appeals of the application lies in the extras that it includes that, in the case of other clients, can only be used by installing plug-ins, but that in this case are already integrated into the program. Some of these functions are to detect users that have us blocked, customize the messages when we aren't available, view the most important news by means of the integrated RSS reader or customize by means of effects how our nick is shown.

  The interface of the program seems very appealing and intuitive, it allows us to maintain conversations with various contacts simultaneously and can be customized so it can integrate perfectly with our system.

  Download Mercury and discover one of the best alternatives to communicate with your friends by means of Live Messenger or MSN Messenger.
Requirements and additional information:
It is only compatible with systems based on Debian/Ubuntu.
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