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In Merge Numbers, we have to clear the grid by shooting blocks against others with the same number and stop them from moving down, very much like in 2048

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A few years back, the game 2048 was all the rage and was a game in which we had to merge blocks featuring numbers that were multiples of two in a grid in order to get them to add up to 2048 (and that's not all there is to the game, we could go on). All kinds of variations on this theme have appeared since then and Merge Numbers is one of them.

Merge numbers and stop them from getting to the bottom of the grid

This is a puzzle game that has its roots in the fine idea that is 2048. It offers us a setting where we will have to shoot the blocks featuring numbers that are multiples of two up into a grid where we have to stop them accumulating and getting to the bottom. This means that we will eliminate blocks when we manage to join two or more of the same number and thereby clear the space. The mechanic is simple: all you have to do is tap on where you want the tile to go.

This would in fact be an excellent and addictive game if it were not spoiled by an excessive number of ads that make the rhythm of the game lag too much. But hey, maybe it is worth your while due to the fact that you can win gift cards to use on Amazon, Google Play, eBay...

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Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
3 months ago
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