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Messenger Aero Switcher allows you to disable the Aero interface on Messenger. Customize Windows Live Messenger by downloading Messenger Aero Switcher free

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In some versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7 it is possible, as long as we fulfill certain hardware requirements, to activate the visual environment known as Aero. It is an innovative graphic interface, characterized by the possibility to adjust transparencies in the windows, that allows us to work comfortably while enjoying a well designed and renovated aspect.

Bring Aero to Messenger

But in less powerful computers, the resource consumption of Aero can really harm the system's performance. In those cases where the instant messenger client by Microsoft, Windows Live Messenger, is commonly used we can choose to deactivate Aero exclusively for this application, maintaining this visual environment in force for the rest of applications. To do so, we can use Messenger Aero Switcher.

Messenger Aero Switcher is a patch that allows us to activate/deactivate the Aero interface in Windows Live Messenger, as many times as we choose. Once the application is installed all we have to do is select the "Turn Aero off" option to deactivate Aero or "Turn Aero on" to activate it again.

Requirements and additional information:
Antony Peel
Antony Peel
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