Messenger Discovery


Messenger Discovery will allow you to add new functions to the popular Windows Live Messenger instant messaging client and customize it to your own liking

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Live Messenger, the instant messaging service by Microsoft, is one the most used tools to communicate on the Internet worldwide, because it offers the users a system with which they can send messages in real time to wherever they want. This service has an official client that, even though it is very simple to use, lacks many of the functions that can be considered practical by many users.

  Messenger Discovery, also known as Messenger Discovery Live, is a tool that will allow us to add new functions, and to eliminate those that we don't use, thus allowing us to have an instant messaging client that has everything we need, only requiring us to spend a couple of minutes configuring all the options available.

  The program allows us to open Live Messenger various times simultaneously, steal our contacts' avatar, see what users have deleted us from their accounts, integrate the client with Facebook (allowing us to chat with our contacts from this great network) and activate a spellcheck, among hundreds of other options.

  It will also be possible to deactivate the block that only allows us to send a certain amount of nudges, obtain protection against those contacts that we aren't sure about, and add different tones and alerts to each friend that we have added.

  Greatly improve Windows Live Messenger thanks to Messenger Discovery.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires that we have Windows Live Messenger installed.
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