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With Messenger Gadget you will have a very comfortable way to access Windows Live Messenger from the gadget bar. Download Messenger Gadget to chat easily

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Among the innovations of Windows Vista, one of the most eye-catching and relatively useful, if it's well used, is the Gadget bar. With it, we will be able to have small applications always visible on the desktop. Messenger Gadget is the one in charge of making sure that you always have your messenger connected and available so that you can quickly view it from the gadget bar.

Improve your Messenger with this gadget

With Windows Live Messenger installed, this Messenger Gadget becomes a small window to see who is connected, their status and it easily allows you to update your status, without having to open the main program.

In this gadget we'll see all the things necessary to always be connected and informed in a small window, without any unnecessary information like the publicity integrated in Windows Live Messenger, our contacts' avatars or the integrated contacts search engine.

Thanks to Messenger Gadget, the Windows Vista bar starts being more useful, because even though it's very eye-catching, many of the gadgets that it includes by default aren't really very useful and don't improve the user's experience and productivity.

Requirements and additional information:
  • To be able to launch this program it is necessary to have Windows Live Messenger and Windows with Sidebar installed.
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Antony Peel
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