With MessengerTime you can get hold of all the functions of the chat and instant messaging service belonging to Facebook from the comfort of your desktop

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To be able to use Facebook Messenger from your computer's desktop you can get hold of a simple client like MessengerTime. With the latter, you can have all your contacts ready to chat with them whenever you want from this app without needing to access the social network's web.

Chat with your Facebook contacts from a much more comfrotbale environment.

A standalone client for one of the most popular messaging services

Together with WhatsApp or LINE, Facebook's messaging and chat is one of the most used services around the world. Within this client, we'll find a series of features that we'll really appreciate if we want to send messages comfortably from our Windows desktop:

  • Chat with any of your contacts.
  • Search for people and groups.
  • Clean and minimalistic design.
  • Identify conversations by means of a color code.
  • Edit nicknames.
  • Change emoticons.
  • Search within conversations.
  • Mute notifications.
  • Control your activity from the taskbar.

Thanks to this tool you can chat comfortably from an environment optimized for such purpose, keeping things simple and improving your productivity.

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Antony Peel
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