Metacafe is a platform on which its community of users can share contents organized by categories, allowing them to be downloaded or commented online

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The improvement of broadband connections and the proliferation of online contents have favored the decline of P2P file exchange services. They aren't used as much as yesteryear and that's why services of the likes of Metacafe are no longer so popular.

Share and comment online contents

The latter, which shouldn't be mixed up with the online video site that's an alternative to YouTube or Vimeo, is based on a virtual community in which users share multimedia files that they can download and comment. The contents are sorted into categories so that we only have to flick through the one that interests us the most if we don't want to use the search tool.

Requires a free registry and to protect the most sensitive users, it comes along with different filters to hide violent or sexual contents, accessible from the software's settings.

A few years ago, it was a decent alternative to software such as eMule that has also started to decline due to the popularity of online streaming platforms.

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