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The SNK classic is now available for iPhone. By downloading Metal Slug 3, you can play with Marco Rossi and the rest of characters on different levels

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If you're into retro games, the Metal Slug saga must ring a bell. The saga is completed with a wide range of titles but the one we're interested in right now is this Metal Slug 3. The classic run and gun and shoot'em up for Neo-Geo arcade machines is now available in a portable version so that you can play on your iPhone, iPad or iPad touch at an affordable price.

The legendary action-packed master piece by Neo-Geo 2D is finally available for iPhone!

One the rebellion led by General Morden has been quashed, it looks like peace is back in this world. But the bad guy hasn't given up and decides to create an alliance with aliens to cause havoc. But that's not all because you'll also have to face up to zombies, giant snails, terrorists, horrible insects, and plenty of more bugs. There are four characters with which you can start kicking some ass:

  • Marco Rossi.
  • Tarmicle Roving III.
  • Fio Germi.
  • Eri Kasamoto.

Make the most of the game playing with a mate using the Bluetooth function.

But in such a fierce battle, you won't be alone as you can make use of loads of different slugs to defeat your enemy:

  • Slug Mariner.
  • Elephant Slug.
  • Slug Copter.
  • Slug Driller.
  • Ostrich Slug.
  • lv Rebel Armor.
  • Astro Slug.

You'll have to find out what they're capable of doing all by yourself in this cute game that stands out for its sense of humor and its really cute drawings and animations. Not for nothing, it managed to keep us hooked to arcade machines for quite some time.

How many missions are there?

There are five missions in total, each one with their own final boss, and different mini-games so that you can have fin shooting around non-stop. However, you should know that level 5 is longer than all the previous levels put together in which you'll have to fight on foot and piloting spacecraft.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: iOS 4.3.
  • Compatible with:
    • iPhone
    • iPad
    • iPod touch
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