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Meteor 60 Seconds! is a casual game ofridiculous action where you will have one minute to do whatever you want before an asteroid destroys the Earth

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The earth is going to be destroyed in 60 seconds by a meteorite. You have just that, one minute to do whatever you want without caring much about the consequences: after all, you will die in a matter of seconds. This is the brilliant plot of Meteor 60 Seconds!

The world is coming to an end: make out and kiss and punch each other

This is a casual action game where we have two options: either we beat the crap out of the staff or we spread love left, right and centre. If you opt for violence, you'll be able to hit everyone you want, although it's possible that more than one person will turn around and try to finish you off. Fortunately, you can improve your punching skills, for example with baseball bats. And if you choose to get kissy, it's a bit of the same thing: there will be those who don't take kindly to all the love you have to give out and will try to beat you to the punch. But hey, there's only a minute left before the Earth goes to hell, so....

The controls are very simple: a couple of buttons to move left and right and two more to deal out blows and love. Very basic graphics and a variety of characters, animals and things that will react to your (mis)charms.

Requirements and additional information:
Shay O’Toole
Shay O’Toole
3 months ago
54 MB

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