MetroTwit is a Twitter client that will make it easier for you to read your messages. Download MetroTwit and try the advantages and comfort of this client

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MetroTwit is a Twitter client for Windows with an elegant appearance that's based on the interface by Microsoft for mobiles, Metro. It stands out due to its simplicity, with simple shapes and plain colors, at the same time that it is really practical for users. If what you're interested in is communicating by means of Twitter with a client that makes it easier to read the messages, MetroTwit is the perfect application.

  This client for Twitter maintains a minimalistic aspect that will make it very easy to read your messages. MetroTwit will allow you to organize all your tweets by floating columns that you will be able to place wherever you want, change the color or the size. These columns have two possibilities: you can maintain them floating for a certain amount of time to carry out an action, or make them close, by clicking anywhere else, or anchor them to the interface to make sure that they don't close, when you are interested in following a conversation.

  MetroTwit has other very useful functions:
- Manage lists by means of floating columns.
- Infinite scroll.
- Geotagging.
- Autocomplete hashtags and usernames.

  If you prefer simplicity, MetroTwit is the Twitter client for you.
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