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Control and manage Xiaomi smart products in your home, such as smart bulbs or the vacuum cleaner from your Android Smartphone with the app Mi Home

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Xiaomi makes just about everything you can imagine, from smartphones and tablets to pens, slippers, alarm clocks, humidifiers and a wide range of other things; both high-tech and common everyday objects.

In its attempt to increasingly monopolize the market, the Xiaomi brand has focused on creating connected appliances that help us in the home environment: smart LED light bulbs, air purifiers, thermostats, vacuum-cleaner robots, and smart sockets. Everything you need around the house can now be smart and automated without having to break the piggy bank and shelling out a whole load of cash.

All your home automation management on a single interface

If you have any Xiaomi smart products at home, you are provided with an application for your Android from where you can put all your home programming and management tasks in one place – this app, which is designed to help you take care of things at home remotely, is called Mi Home.

It is an application which boasts an easy-to-use interface and Material Design; it works by using a set of tabs that show each device connected through cards. You can add appliances easily and each one shows an activation icon, which lets you know whether it is turned on or off and what its charge level is, if it is an appliance that runs on batteries. Controlling and managing your home environment from wherever you happen to be at any given time, has never been simpler.

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