Download MiBaoTV for free to transfer VHS tapes to your computer. MiBaoTV can also digitise BETA or video camera tapes without video and audio mismatches

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You have to download MiBaoTV for free to be able to digitise multimedia contents stored in analogical format. This program, also known as BAO TV, takes care of transferring your VHS, BETA or video camera tapes to your computer, so you can save everything.

From analogical to digital without mismatches

Analogical media from the good old days suffer deterioration as time goes by, but you don't have to give up on their content. MiBaoTV synchronises with external players of these analogical formats to transfer their contents to your PC, avoiding audio and video synch and mismatch problems, which are very common in this type of processes.

Features of MiBaoTV

  • Transfer your VHS tapes to PC. Also BETA or analogical camcorder tapes.
  • Encode the files in any of the supported formats: DivX, Xvid, MPEG...
  • Compatible with several video capture device models.

MiBaoTV is an excellent analog digital converter that guarantees the future of your recordings. Download BAO TV, connect the external player to your PC and bring to the digital world contents that would otherwise have difficulties to survive.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The software was developed for the AverMediaPhone98 video capture device. It also works with other capture devices, but compatibility isn't guaranteed.
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