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Microsoft Desktop Player is a professional formation platform that offers all kinds of themes related with information. Download Microsoft Desktop Player

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Microsoft provides people dedicated to Information Technology (IT Pro) and developers Desktop Player, a learning platform with access to videos, podcasts, webcasts, or the so-called white papers.

  Microsoft Desktop Player offer the possibility to work both online as well as without an Internet connection, logically in this last case we can only access the previously saved contents. To make obtaining resources easier, it has filters that make tuning the searches a lot easier, in such a way that they adjust to the specific needs of each professional.

  Some of the themes about which it is possible to search for are:
- Web development.
- Databases.
- Operating Systems.
- Application development.

  And of course, you can also access the latest news about technologies, updates and latest launches by Microsoft.

  Access the most complete information and the learning resources related with Information Technology, thanks to Microsoft Desktop Player.
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