Microsoft Expression Blend

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Microsoft Expression Blend is a tool designed to create graphical interfaces. Download Microsoft Expression Blend and create any element for a website

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The Expression suite developed by Microsoft is one of the most complete on the market and with Microsoft Expression Blend it has one of the most important examples of design and graphical creation, especially when it comes to state-of-the-art web elements and with special attention to Silverlight and its desktop applications.

Create elements to design web pages

Microsoft Expression Blend is an alternative to other professional tools that are much more complicated to use and expensive, despite offering more or less the same results.

Blend includes a WYSIWYG interface, that can be used to work with bitmaps, artwork, video or rich text, and, of course, with Silverlight.

Furthermore, Microsoft Expression Blend includes several controls and containers like menus, buttons and scroll bars to make it much easier to develop and design anything that we're implementing.

Among its most advanced possibilities, it supports 3D objects from the majority of main modeling applications, as well as handling cameras, textures and integrating into the Microsoft development suite, Visual Studio.

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