Microsoft Office 2010 SP1

Service Pack 1

The first pack of updates for Microsoft Office 2010 has finally arrived. Download Microsoft Office 2010 SP1 for free and correct how this suite works

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When it comes to carrying out office work there is no doubt that Microsoft Office 2010 is one of the best elections possible. What can be considered the office suite par excellence is a perfect product when it comes to working at a professional level as well as at home that has reached version 2010, in a continuous race for the implementation of new options and features with which it can satisfy the building demands of the users.

Microsoft Office 2010 SP1 is the first pack of updates developed by Microsoft for its Microsoft Office 2010 office suite. This pack includes the latest improvements available for the software, that can be divided into two categories:

  1. A pack of improvements that have been exclusively provided for this SP1, that cover from fixing how the product works in general to security, stability and performance improvements.
  2. Pack of updates published up until June 2011 and the cumulative updates published until April 2011.

Microsoft Office 2010 SP1 provides the latest updates for Office 2010.

Access 2010 SP1

The database tool by Microsoft has suffered a direct change, allowing us to integrate community contents in the element gallery from the application as well fixing some problems when exporting files to Excel books. It has also improved the performance when it comes to publishing forms that contain embedded images.

OneNote 2010 SP1

OneNote 2010 is one of the programs that has received most work on in Microsoft Office 2010 SP1. OneNote 2010 allows us to store all kinds of files to be shared with other users. This update will take care of adding new options, especially with regard to the synchronization of files with Windows Live SkyDrive or with SharePoint. Furthermore, they have fixed several functioning problems and errors detected in the application as well as matters that affected its general performance.

Outlook 2010 SP1

The email client hasn't been less and with this update it includes compatibility with Office 365, new configuration options to convert an account into the default account when sending files and some minor corrections.

PowerPoint 2010 SP1

The presentation and slideshow creation tool is another program that has been improved. In PowerPoint 2010 SP1 it has been necessary to carry out various improvements due to the many problems that had appeared. They have fixed all kinds of errors, from visualization problems and interface faults to other matters that directly affected inserting images and other compatibility matters with files between platforms.

Word 2010 SP1

And what regards to the main product of Microsoft Office 2010 SP1 they have also needed to work on it. There were problems when it came to opening documents, when it came to storing customized XML files, error messages, integration of new features (for example, when editing styles are used), view fonts that are installed on the system with PostScript diagrams, editing conflict once you use the coauthor feature, correction of errors caused during paragraph property edition, insert images and graphics, once you copy data from Excel...

Your office suite, now improved

If you're a Microsoft Office 2010 user, don't wait any longer to download Microsoft Office 2010 SP1. This pack includes all the improvements that are necessary for your software to work as well as possible, once all the errors that it contained have been detected and fixed.

Download Microsoft Office 2010 SP1 for free and enjoy the office suite updated.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires Microsoft Office 2010.
  • Runs on Windows XP SP3 or above.
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