PowerPoint tips & tricks: the best advice and secrets you need to know

PowerPoint is one of the fundamental applications of the Microsoft office suite. Its main purpose is to let the user create, edit, and project presentations. It is based on a classic concept: the slide projector.

Although it may seem that it has always belonged to Microsoft, the truth is that this application was developed by the company Forethought in 1980. After its acquisition was rejected by several companies in the software industry, Microsoft acquired it for $14 million. Since its purchase, it is the Redmond company that updates and supports PowerPoint.

It can now be used with the purchase of a license. However, it is also included in the Microsoft 365 subscription along with other benefits, such as the ability to store up to 1TB of data in the cloud. Whether the user chooses to pay for a license or to subscribe, they get access not only to PowerPoint but to the rest of the Microsoft Office applications, such as Excel or Word.

We want to help you take your first steps with this application. For this reason, we have published a long list of guides and articles with tips and tricks, ideal for getting the most out of PowerPoint. We tell you exactly what this software is and what it is used for, how to use it for the first time, and how to create a presentation. We also clarify some concepts, such as what exactly is a slide. In addition, we have compiled the best tips on how to add music to your presentations, how to convert PPTX files to multiple formats, or how to add a background image to your projects.

In short, if you wanted to know everything about PowerPoint, you have come to the right place.

How to convert PowerPoint to video

Exporting to video is one of the most outstanding features of PowerPoint. With it, it is possible to convert any PPTX file, preserving the animations and transitions, to a video file, without using any additional software.


Where are PowerPoint templates saved

Using PowerPoint templates is the best way to save time when it comes to designing a presentation. With them, the user should only focus on the content and not on the design of the slides. PowerPoint templates can be saved in any directory.


How to set a background image in PowerPoint

Using an image as a background in your presentations will let you give it a more personalized touch. For example, you can use your company logo if you are going to project the slides in a business meeting. Assigning an image as a background in PowerPoint is very simple.


What extension do PowerPoint presentations use

The file extension for files containing PowerPoint presentations is PPTX. In addition to this, other formats are also supported by the application:


What video format does PowerPoint support

Inserting objects in PowerPoint is one of the most basic functions of the Microsoft presentation software. In addition to text, images, and sound, you can insert videos into your slides. Doing so is very simple.


How to add music to PowerPoint

One of the multimedia resources that PowerPoint lets you use in your presentations is audio. Adding music sequences, sounds, or special effects is very easy. The first thing to do is to go to the Insert menu.


What is a PowerPoint slide

A slide is the place where the content necessary to make a presentation is inserted. A PowerPoint file can contain one or more slides. During the projection, they are shown sequentially, both forward and backward.


What is a PowerPoint presentation

A PowerPoint presentation is a sequence of slides that can include a wide variety of content, such as text, lists, graphics, videos, or sounds. This type of office file is a virtual emulation of the old slide projectors, which moved forward or backward at the will of the user.


How to make a PowerPoint presentation

The most basic function of PowerPoint is the creation of presentations. Obviously, the list of options when designing your files is very long. Therefore, in this article, we will focus on the process of creating a presentation from scratch and the most basic settings.


PowerPoint Portable: can it be downloaded?

The developer of PowerPoint, Microsoft, does not provide users with a portable version, that is, one that does not require installation and can be run from a memory stick or external hard drive. Obviously, this statement is true if we keep to the use of official software. There is always the possibility that some portals offer such a version, although it is most likely fraud or a malicious application.


How to convert Word to PowerPoint

The applications that make up the Microsoft Office suite are compatible with each other. This allows the user to transform the files created with Office to the corresponding formats of each of its applications. A good example of this is importing Word documents into PowerPoint presentations. If you want to apply this type of conversion, we tell you how to do it easily.


How to convert PDF to PowerPoint

Converting a PDF document to PowerPoint is not as easy as the other way around. However, it also does not require advanced knowledge. In this case, you will need a tool in addition to the Microsoft application. You can use ILovePDF, a web service that requires no installation and is free of charge. To get started, simply visit their official website. There, select the conversion order. To convert PDF to PowerPoint, the option you are interested in is PDF to PowerPoint.


How to install PowerPoint

PowerPoint is one of the tools included in Microsoft Office. This office suite, in addition to presentation software, has a word processor, Word, a spreadsheet manager, Excel, and several other applications. Therefore, if you want to have PowerPoint, you will need to install the full Office suite.


How to convert PowerPoint to Word

Converting a presentation created with PowerPoint to a Word document is a very simple task. In fact, thanks to the compatibility between all Microsoft Office tools, you do not need to install any additional application.


How to use PowerPoint

Despite its long list of options, PowerPoint is a simple application to use. Of course, it is impossible to talk about all its features in a single article. However, we propose a review of the main elements of its interface so that you can get started with this presentation design tool.


How to convert PowerPoint to PDF

Converting a PowerPoint presentation to PDF can be easily done using the Microsoft application. You just need to know the right steps to do it. First, go to the File menu in the upper left corner.


What is PowerPoint and what's it for?

PowerPoint is a presentation creation program developed and marketed by Microsoft. It is included in the Microsoft Office suite and complements other office tools of the company, such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel. Nowadays, it must be used for a fee, either by purchasing a license or by paying a monthly or annual subscription. In both cases, not only do you get access to the full potential of PowerPoint, but also to the rest of the applications in the suite.


April 28, 2021 (Updated May 3, 2021). Translated by Manuel Sánchez