Microsoft Teams 32 bits

Microsoft Teams 32 bits is a new system based on Office 365's chats to bring together communications, project development, and files in the same place

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The most important tech companies are starting to release services aimed at business environments, basically because they know that these clients are capable and willing to pay for their products and, therefore, or more profitable than individual users. And the business communications is a sector in which Google and Amazon have already started to compete with systems like Slack or Yammer. But now it's time for Microsoft with Teams.

A service to improve your business productivity.

The Redmond-based company has developed its own communications platform for corporate environments. Microsoft Teams 32 bits is based on the chat systems of Office 365, the online office suite focused on companies, that intends to improve the productivity in the communication between teammates.

And that's why they have come up with a multiplatform service (apart from Windows PC, it's also available on macOS, Android, and iOS) that brings together chats, work tools, files, and users to offer us a smoother and tidier way of developing projects.

Main features

This communications system for work teams and project organization comes along with the following functions:

  • Centralize in the same place all your files and conversations.
  • Stay connected with your workmates through private and team chats.
  • Search among files and messages to find exactly what you need.
  • Customize your work area.
  • Advanced security system to guarantee the privacy of your work and company.

Teams vs Slack vs Yammer: a ruthless battle

Competition is fierce to become the system chosen for company communications. Although Microsoft has arrived slightly later than its competitors (and just after Google and Amazon), but its main advantage is the popularity of its office applications, used all over the world and that integrate perfectly into Teams.

You can download the app for free but you and your team will need to be subscribed to Office 365.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Requires a Microsoft user account.
  • Requires a subscription to Office 365.

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