How to convert PDF to Word

Converting any PDF document to an editable Word format isn’t at all difficult. In fact, Microsoft Word itself can be used as a converter from PDF to Word. Just open a PDF document from the File by selecting the Open option to have access to the latter in .DOCX format that can be edited however you wish. We can do so without any trouble if the PDF to be converted has been generated by mean of Word’s own tool that we can find in the File menu with the Export function. In that case, we can open the document and modify its structure and contents without problems.

However, if not, things may get slightly more difficult. If the origin of the PDF is unknown, it may appear without a structure, with lines and pages that don’t correspond to their original position. This is due to the fact that Word works better with PDFs that basically contain text, whilst it may have problems when they contain any kind of graphical element. In fact, these are the elements that it doesn’t recognize correctly:

  • Tables with cell spaces.
  • Page and border colors.
  • Change tracking.
  • Frames.
  • Footnotes that take up more than a page of space.
  • Endnotes.
  • Audio, video, and other active elements.
  • Bookmarks and tags.
  • Comments.
  • Font effects such as highlighting and shadowing.

For such purpose, Microsoft Word is probably not the best option to convert this kind of file to compatible formats. It’s more recommendable to resort to any of the many PDF to DOCX conversion tools available both online and downloaded to our PC, to later work with the resulting file. Unless you want to spend more time giving the text back its original structure and format.