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Miku: Friday Night Funkin MOD is a version of Friday Night Funkin' where the protagonist is Miku Hatsune, the face of the Yamaha voice synthesizer

Friday Night Funkin' MOD featuring Miku Hatsun

May 18, 2021
7 / 10

It seems that these days there are very few young people who are not familiar with Friday Night Funkin' and perhaps not even a single one. This music game, inspired by the format made popular by games like Guitar Hero, has conquered the devices of millions of users, despite being a totally independent production.

The Friday Night Funkin' MOD featuring Miku Hatsune

The Yamaha voice synthesizer is personified by Miku Hatsune and she is the character who will be taking the leading role in this version of FNF. We will be able to play with her and battle out the game's MC duels. The mechanic in Miku: Friday Night Funkin MOD is the same: press the right buttons at the right moment as they come up on the screen to the beat of the music.

However, this game is a bit limited when it comes to game modes and their evolution because it only allows one option, so we will have to do our best with that one. Nevertheless, it is a perfect option for anyone who wants to enjoy an alternative version of Friday Night Funkin' while waiting for new weeks of the original game to arrive.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.4.
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