Minecraft's universe offers endless possibilities to players, but some may feel overwhelmed due to the amount of new features that Mojang introduces every year and the fact that, literally, each generated world is infinite in size. So, if you prefer to explore locations with landmarks instead of eternally roaming the world looking for villages, mines, portals to the Nether, mansions, and whatever biome you are looking for, here are the best seeds for the Android version of Minecraft. These are important coordinates with marked locations with points of interest to explore. Now, let us explain here how you can get them into the game to find these places.

How to introduce seeds with special locations in Minecraft

In order to enter precise coordinates in Minecraft for Android, we need to go to the game's start menu, select "Play" and "Create New World". Once there, go down until you find the "Seed" tab, and there, enter the numerical code that we leave below in each case. Once entered, adjust the parameters you prefer in each case, then, just click on the "Create" button and the world will be generated. This way you will be able to create a new world and be the most important point of interest of the place.

Entering seeds in Minecraft for AndroidEntering seeds in Minecraft for Android

The best seeds for Minecraft (Android Pocket Edition)

Below, you will find a list of some of the best seeds currently available in the Pocket Edition version of Minecraft for Android devices. If you follow the directions we have provided above, you should have no problem getting to them and start forging your new cubic world.

Taiga Village

  • Seed: -1943825025
  • Description: An attractive village set in a Taiga biome (highly prized for its rarity) in the middle of a forest, with a swamp and other attractions.
Taiga village in MinecraftTaiga village in Minecraft

Spooky Mansion

  • Seed: 165605352
  • Description: You appear on the roof of a huge mansion with mysterious and sinister look and lots of mysteries to discover.
Sinister mansion in MinecraftSinister mansion in Minecraft

Ocean Monument Ahead

  • Seed: 2052062
  • Description: You appear on the shore of a beach and if you dive into it and dive down you will find a wonderful surprise.
Sunken temple in MinecraftSunken temple in Minecraft

Sunflower Plains

  • Seed: 2021551997
  • Description: This is a field full of sunflowers and other flowers where you can start to set up your own base.
Sunflower field in MinecraftSunflower field in Minecraft

Panda Watching

  • Seed: 835314931
  • Description: A jungle with lots of bamboo where there are several pandas, a hard to find animal in Minecraft, as well as tropical parrots.
Jungle with pandas in MinecraftJungle with pandas in Minecraft

Desert Village

  • Seed: 1738801
  • Description: You appear in a desert with a sandy village where there are many villagers and other useful items waiting for you.
Desert village in MinecraftDesert village in Minecraft

Snowy Village

  • Seed: 22061
  • Description: The spawning point is located in a village with several small houses with snowy roofs.
Frozen village in MinecraftFrozen village in Minecraft

Coastal village in an island

  • Seed: -509091417
  • Description: A great island where you can start your new adventure. With a village and other interesting zones, it is an excellent place to start.
Survival islandSurvival island

Epic Mesa

  • Seed: 288858475
  • Description: A mixture of different types of reddish and orange sands that create a desert full of natural stalactites.
Orange desert in MinecraftOrange desert in Minecraft

Coastal Village

  • Seed: -1251937210
  • Description: A village along the coast next to a green area of plains that you can explore while knowing that you have a safe place to rest.
Seaside village in MinecraftSeaside village in Minecraft

By exploring all these places in the Pocket Edition of Minecraft, you will have many experiences and adventures waiting for you. Large villages to trade and settle, places where you can take interesting photos, temples, and mansions to discover, the possibilities are endless, and with these seeds, you will have something to do for a long time.