What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox or open-world construction and adventure game. The players can create constructions with total freedom making use of 3D blocks or cubes but they can also carry out other actions such as exploring their surroundings, taking advantage of all the resources available, creating objects, fighting against other creatures or players… You can play infinite words and save them to play them as many times as you want, whenever you want.

It offers us the possibility to adjust the difficulty and level and play different game modes that offer us different challenges:

  • Survival: the players have to get hold of the resources necessary to not die of hunger or suffer from health problems.
  • Creative: with the possibility to access the game’s resources but without having to worry about surviving.
  • Hardcore: just like the survival mode but with the highest difficulty level and with only a single life.
  • Spectator: it allows the user to fly and view worlds but without interacting with them. You can also explore them from the point of view of other players or creatures.
  • Adventure: conceived for those who want to play solo and incorporates conditions such as only being able to break blocks with the appropriate tool or the impossibility to modify the difficulty of certain versions.

At the beginning, Minecraft was an indie video game created by Markus Persson but it was later developed by his company Mojang AB. The truth is that the game became a mass phenomenon, with millions of players all over the world and a huge amount of resources such as tutorials, guides, and mods created by other users. It was finally purchased by Microsoft in 2014 for 2.5 billion dollars which is the company now in charge of the development.

It has been such a success that it has landed on other operating systems other than Windows, as is the case of OS X, iOS, Xbox, PlayStation or Wii, amongst others.