miniMIZE applies the same behavior as a Mac window to any window in Windows. Minimize windows very easily once you download mimiMize to your PC for free

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One of the most attractive aspects of Apple operating systems is their graphical interface, that is very attractive and that has lots of details that make it a lot easier to use by the user. One of these features is the possibility to minimize the windows as a thumbnail, so that if we have the same program open several times, we will be capable of only maximizing the one that we want, without having to open them all.

  miniMIZE is a small utility that will allow us to do this same action on the Windows operating systems, with the advantage that it will be us who decide the size of the thumbnails, the position, their transparency and if they will be placed at the front, or on the contrary glued to the desktop.

  It is possible to configure the application to startup together with the operating system, in such a way that once installed and configured, it won't be necessary to touch it again, unless we want to change one of the settings.

  If you really want to improve how you minimize your windows, download and install miniMIZE.
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