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Download MixMeister, a program for DJs to mix music. MixMeister provides DAW functions such as a timeline that will allow you to edit your recordings

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Getting a DJ program that is powerful enough for studio applications is not easy. However, MixMeister may have the solution. MixMeister is a program for creating mix sessions that allows you to perform the most spectacular DJ sessions imaginable and benefit from the advantages of post-production.

Combine the precision of the best production programs with live performances.

Make perfect mixes with the new time-stretching algorithm and exploit the DAW functions, which let you edit your recordings. MixMeister offers DJing flexibility never seen before.


  • DJ program that combines the usual features with the precision of music production applications.
  • Mix up to 8 audio files simultaneously.
  • Independent "Master" and headphone audio outputs.
  • Mix full songs or audio samples (samples, loops, etc.).
  • Includes automatic BPM synchronization, automix functions and setting cue points.
  • Set loops in your track and create your own remixes.
  • Includes VST effects.
  • Support for harmonic mixing.
  • Set tempo, volume and EQ in real time.
  • Compatible with external MIDI controllers: record parameter automation.
  • Export audio in MP3 or burn it to CD with the tools included.

Perfect sessions thanks to post-production

As you develop your session you can record every action to a timeline that allows further editing later on. This provides many advantages for DJs, who will be able to freely edit the end result. Did you make a mistake and move the wrong fader or activate an effect at the wrong time? Correct it on the timeline.

This DJ and DAW hybrid software will allow you to unleash your creativity and manipulate audio in many different ways. Combine this particularity with other features to help you create the perfect session.

Nobody gets to be a star without the right tool. Download MixMeister for your PC right now!

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version inserts a message in the mixes at certain intervals
  • In this version you can not record more than 10 CDs.
  • You need a ZIP compatible compressor to run the application.
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