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mixSense DJ Studio will show you the basics to become a professional DJ. Mix music and make the audience dance by downloading MixSense DJ Studio for free

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Nowadays there are hundreds of alternatives to start a career as a DJ, from the classic turntables to CD players, to control systems that use MIDI, but before we start messing about with all these things it is necessary to know a certain amount of basic concepts so we aren't lost in front of the set.

  mixSense DJ Studio is a free program with which any user can learn the basics of DJing, thanks to a very intuitive interface. This application has many advantages with respect to other alternatives, because it allows BPM auto adjust, 5 effects per channel (EQ, phaser, tap delay, reverb and sliding control), beat-lock and real time waveform visualization.

  Furthermore, the integrated audio engine assures low latency no matter what our system is, never exceeding 100 milliseconds regarding the waveform (essential feature if we want our mixes to be as coordinated as possible).

  If you don't want to spend money, but you want to start mixing songs non-stop, with a system that is as intuitive as could possibly be, download mixSense DJ Studio right now.
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