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MixVibes Producer is a complete software application to complete audio mixes and create live music. Download MixVibes Producer and become a really good DJ

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We're used to mixing applications that only have the functions necessary to play audio and process the signal through a mixer, but there are also other alternatives on the market, like MixVibes Producer, that allow users to create live music from the songs that they mix, as well as adding vocals or using VST plug-ins to be able to apply effects to sound.

Main features

  • 4 independent players that are compatible with time-coded CDs and vinyls.
  • 16-pad sampler, with the capacity to import and cut audio fragments from any of the songs that are part of our library.
  • Microphone input, as well as compatibility with the program's effects and processors.
  • Capacity to use VST instruments and effects, thanks to which we will be able to add new synthesizer lines or apply filters to any signal.
  • MIDI learning” function to assign program controls with a single click.
  • Pack of native effects.
  • Attractive and intuitive interface.

If you were looking for a solution to be able to mix and, furthermore, to be able to add elements of your own music by means of live performance, download MixVibes Producer.

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Antony Peel
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