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MLDonkey is a P2P network that allows you to download files from various networks to get hold of them as quickly as possible. Download MLDonkey for free

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MLDonkey makes use of a technology called swarming. This method to download contents from P2P networks is based on searching and downloading any file on several file sharing networks in a way that is totally clear to the user.

  MLDonkey is capable of connecting to DirectConnect, BitTorrent, eDonkey, Kademlia and FastTrack and search for the same file on all of them downloading it with the maximum speed. Thus we won't have to worry about looking for the ED2K link or the .torrent file, because MLDonkey will make sure of searching on its own on each network.

  Having been one of the first developments to make the most of the qualities of the eDonkey network, the truth is that MLDonkey has some features that aren't at all common and that, may, complicate how it is used. The first of them is the difference between the core and the interface. With the possibility to use the program from different interfaces, be it different GUIs, or via Telnet, for example. Per default, the use of MLDonkey is done by means of the browser, in which we will have to access http://localhost:4080.

  Another of the noteworthy features is the use of plug-ins, something that allows us to easily add and eliminate compatible networks from MLDonkey, thus, to the aforementioned networks we will also be able to add others like Napster, SoulSeek or Gnutella, that aren't included by default due to their small amount of users.

  In other words, MLDonkey is a rather complete software application with many options that will easily cover all your P2P network download needs, in such a way that they adapt best to your tastes.
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