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Moana Island Life is the official game of Disney's animation movie. Manage your island, take care of your people and carry out a commercial expansion

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One of the latest animation movies produced by Disney is set in the Pacific Islands. That's where Moana lives with her friends Pua, Heaihei, and Maui, among many other characters, and you can already imagine what it's all about: a totally Eurocentric point of view of a different culture that all of a sudden has allegedly adopted the habits and values of the western civilization. You don't need to be too clever to figure it out, you only need to watch the trailer that's been online for quite a while, and take a look at the history of movies made by the company every time they want to talk to us about Pocahontas and co.

Create and manage your own paradise island

Well, we're not here to talk about the role of North American movie makers educating the rest of the word, but about the game released to promote the film. It's called Moana Island Life and it has been published for both Android in APK format and iPhone. And it's basically a tycoon management and strategy video game starring friendly faces.

The plot takes place in Oceania, mainly Polynesia, Micronesia and a bunch of islands nobody would know how to place on a map, but that make us think about beaches of white sand, crystal-clear water, and straw huts.

Manages and organize this earthly paradise.

You'll have to start off from scratch providing supplies to your cohabitants, for which purpose you'll have to grow crops and the ocean and nearby islands. You'll need to do so to be able to trade with them and earn money to grow and expand (there goes another western perspective).

  • Create a village and manage your island from scratch.
  • Explore the seas to meet new people and lands.
  • Grow crops, create tools, and trade with the islanders.
  • Earn special rewards by completing missions.
  • Collect pets and create a sanctuary for turtles, dolphins, and other species.

If you're into this kind of game or you've simply fallen in love the movie's soundtrack, just go ahead and download it. One of the positive aspects of this genre, as you know, is that the games can last forever.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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