The best heroes of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, there are over 100 different heroes and each of them specializes in a certain way of playing. With so many heroes to choose from, it can sometimes be difficult to know which one to buy or choose in a game.

Here are some of the best heroes in each role. Keep in mind that Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is constantly updated, nerfing and increasing the power of the different heroes, so in any case, it is best to look for a hero that fits well with your way of playing without worrying too much if it is better or worse because no character will be "broken" for a long time.

Best tanks

  • Barats: This character improves the longer he endures without dying in the game, so at a certain point, he can resist very well even when attacking.
  • Johnson: This hero starts with little resistance, but his strength will increase considerably by leveling up and using armor.
  • Minotaur: Very tactical hero whose ultimate ability leaves opponents in a very bad position.
Barats, one of the game’s best tanksBarats, one of the game’s best tanks

Best fighters

  • Balmond: This character is ideal for those who are starting in the game, he causes a lot of damage and his abilities are easy to use efficiently.
  • Chou: This hero is fast, a feature that can help you escape, either after a kill or after taking a lot of damage.
  • Lapu-Lapu: This character has armor, which makes him one of the most dangerous fighters: he is offensive and resistant.
Chou, a very fast fighterChou, a very fast fighter

Best killers

  • Fanny: She has an untraditional handling thanks to the use of its strings. She is quite an agile character.
  • Lancelot: This hero has a lot of attack damage, being optimal in 1vs1 combats.
  • Ling: This assassin has a high damage per second rate, as well as the ability to ambush.
Fanny is a very agile killerFanny is a very agile killer

Best shooters

  • Karrie: This character is ideal for one on one battles, as her attacks are focused on a single target, she is very lethal.
  • Moskov: This hero can attack several enemies at once, has a good jump capability, and causes a lot of damage with his attacks.
  • Yi Sun-shin: Deals both close and long-range damage; can deal a lot of damage in a short time.
Yi Sun-shin, an extremely lethal archerYi Sun-shin, an extremely lethal archer

Best magicians

  • Alice: Her characteristics improve as the game progresses, the more minions she eliminates.
  • Harith: This hero is quite elusive and is capable of stealing magic attacks from opponents.
  • Yve: This wizard casts stars that reduce the speed of opponents hit, as well as causing damage.
Alice improves significantly after killing minionsAlice improves significantly after killing minions

Best support

  • Angela: She can heal and offers protection to the whole team, in addition to being able to paralyze opponents.
  • Mathilda: This support heroine can increase the skill speed of her teammates and also deals a lot of magic damage.
  • Rafaela: She is a difficult character to dominate due to her fragility but thanks to her abilities, she can take advantage over many different heroes.
Mathilda, a great support heroMathilda, a great support hero

Now, you know what characters you should start your games with.