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Mobincube includes all the tools necessary to create applications for mobiles. Mobincube offers designs in compliance with the needs of the application

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You don't need to know any complex programing languages to be able to create a mobile application. You can access Mobincube and generate one yourself with your ideas as the only essential requirement.

A complete online tool to create your applications for mobiles and tablets

With Mobincube you can generate all sorts of applications compatible with the majority of mobile devices on the market. This webapp offers you total freedom to choose the design and structure that suits you best and allows you to create applications with advanced functionalities such as online contents or maps.

Create applications without any requirements other than your inspiration.


  • Tool for the creation of mobile applications.
  • Intuitive design interface.
  • Sequential design.
  • Generation of a URL and a QR code for the download.
  • Predefined templates for different types of business.

Make your creations profitable

Mobincube doesn't reveal with which tool you developed your application. In other words, you can place your product under your brand name in any online store and nobody will notice the difference. Furthermore, the applications also include advertising banners, the profits of which will be to your advantage.

Don't hesitate about downloading Mobincube and create your own applications for mobile devices, without any programing knowledge.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The profits due to publicity are 70% of the total amount.
  • The download of the file requires a price to be paid that depends on the number of downloads contracted.
  • Some options related to the improvement of the application's management have to be paid for.
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