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Modern Warplanes is a multi-player warplane game for Android smartphones. Battle other players in thrilling dogfights in this great airplane simulator

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The older of those among us almost certainly remember video games like After Burner, F29 Retaliator or F-15 Strike Eagle. They were totally absorbing air combat games which reminded us of another pop culture icon from the 80s – Top Gun. Modern Warplanes recovers that same freshness and uses it to create a high-quality, multi-player game.

Take part in thrilling dogfights

This is a fighter combat game, in which you will have to carry out a range of air combat missions while flying some of the most famous and modern fighter planes in the history of air combat, such as the F-15, F-18, Eurofighter or the MIG-35.

These are some of the main features offered by this fighter plane game:

  • Online action allowing you to take on players from all over the world.
  • A range of planes which can be unlocked by reaching targets, completing missions and earning money in the game. Each plane has its own weapons and features.
  • More than 30 different items which can be installed in the plane.
  • You can play solo in off-line mode.
  • Easy-to-use game controls.
  • Impressive locations.

If you have been missing a good aerial combat game, then don’t hesitate to download the Modern Warplanes APK to your Android. There is nothing like a good dogfight for pumping up adrenalin levels and keeping your reactions sharp while shooting your enemies out of the skies. Just make sure that while you are on the other plane’s tail giving it the old rat-a-tat, there is not someone on your tail doing the same.

Requirements and additional information:
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Sean Mitchell
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