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Mommy & Newborn Baby Shower is a maternity simulator for Android where we will get to take on the role of a mother from pregnancy to child-raising

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What must it be like to be a mother? Well now, whether you are a boy or a girl, you can check it out with Mommy & Newborn Baby Shower, a game for Android in which you will have to carry out different tasks that are related to pregnancy, giving birth, and raising the baby.

Mini-games that portray each of the scenarios related to pregnancy and maternity

In this game, we will take on the role of a mother or mother-to-be, depending on the case. We will have to perform a range of tasks like making preparations for the arrival of the little one and its care. These are some of the mini-games:

  • Correct and healthy eating.
  • Relaxation and personal care.
  • Get the baby's room ready.
  • Day of the birth: gather up everything needed for going to the hospital.
  • Work to buy things that the baby needs.
  • Taking care of and washing the baby.

This is a game with simple graphics, presumably because they are for children... however, any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence. Who knows if the game is intended to be a merely innocent pastime or if there is really an underlying intention to influence young girls in particular from a moral or dehumanizing productivity standpoint, in order to create human farms in the interests of an economic model on the verge of collapse that quashes human free will for the sake of consumerism. Said.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
Pi Games Studio
6 months ago
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