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Monster Box is an interesting action, fighting, and monster-collecting game configured as the alternative to Pokémon that you were probably not looking for

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The mobile game catalog is full of surprises and delirious proposals. On this occasion, the guys at the Yso Corp studio have shamelessly taken inspiration from the Pokémon video game saga to create this simplified (and ad-laden) version of the life of a pocket monster trainer.

Get them all...!

Download the Monster Box APK file and become a Pokémon-style monster trainer. The difference is that here, Poké Balls are cubes, and instead of the creatures fighting to evolve, you will have to watch ads.

In this 3D action and fighting game, your mission is to capture all kinds of creatures with a design very similar to the classic Pokémons. You also have to evolve them, form a balanced team, and participate in battles against other trainers.

Capture monsters in your boxes and use them to defend yourself! Create the best team of all time!

The result is quite interesting, as it comes to be a minimalist first-person version of Pokémon. And it could be a really fun game. The thing is that it pesters you with so many ads that it can challenge your patience (the trick of playing without an internet connection does not work). In short, it could be an interesting game, but there are more elaborate proposals.

Requirements and additional information:
Susana Arjona
Susana Arjona
Yso Corp
55.2 MB

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