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Collect, train, and merge creatures from the world of Pokémon in Monster Gotcha and take on other players in this strategic combat role-playing game

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The fertile world of Pokémon just keeps on giving on apps and in games dedicated to this franchise, such as, for instance, in Monster Gotcha. This is an RPG in which we will be able to collect and train these creatures in order to take on other users in combat.

Collect and train your Pokémon so that they evolve and go on to defeat your opponents

In the game, we connect to a server that we share with other players. They are the rivals that we will encounter in a game where we can get hold of different Pokémon in order to train them and merge them so that they evolve: there are dozens of possibilities. The aim, of course, is to get them to go up against other players in combats that we can direct ourselves or automate so that the result depends on the game's logic.

We will encounter characters and items that will be familiar to followers of the comic, anime, and videogame saga, as well as finding the following features:

  • Numerous scenes in a never-ending game.
  • Collect hundreds of creatures and merge them in order to upgrade their abilities so that they evolve.
  • Find different paths to their evolution: there is not just one way of going about it.
  • Compete in live PvP matches.
Requirements and additional information:
Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
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