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Moo0 VideoMinimizer can reduce the size of your videos and make them a lot easier to handle. Download Moo0 VideoMinimizer free on your personal computer

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Sometimes the size of your videos may be excessive. This can make it very difficult to work with them comfortably: difficulties to send them, to share them, to move them...The best thing in these cases is to reduce their size. Moo0 VideoMinimizer is a program capable of reducing the size of your video files.

Moo0 VideoMinimizer is capable of reducing the size in bytes of files and their dimensions so as to work with them with greater ease. It is possible to do so making the most of the three functioning modes that it offers:

  1. By size.
  2. According to the bitrate.
  3. By dimensions.


  • Choose the output format between four possibilities: AVI, FLV, MKV and MP4.
  • It can be used in the background.
  • Turns the computer off when the process finishes.
  • Enables a reduced use of CPU resources while you work.
  • Notifies the end of the process.

A very recommendable tool

Moo0 VideoMinimizer is very easy-to-use. This ease together with its great performance will be something that the users really like. When you need to reduce the size of any of your video files to upload them to sites such as YouTube for example, or simply to make sure that they use less space on your hard drive, download Moo0 VideoMinimizer for free.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The program is free for non-commercial use only.
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