MoorHunt is an application that uses the P2M system to share files. Download MoorHunt for free on your computer and use your email as a secure P2P network

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MoorHunt allows you to use your email as a P2P network. If you use a P2P network, but you want to increase the privacy of your shared files, as well as their speed, MoorHunt may be a good solution. This software uses the technology known as P2M (Peer to Mail) by means of which, any file that you send, will really be hosted in your email account.

  This software allows you to share files with the people that you want, you will only have to configure a mail account in the program (so that it saves the files) and send the hash that MoorHunt will provide together with the password to whoever you want to the file to be downloaded by.

  How it works may seem somewhat complex, but the truth is that it's all very transparent and the user almost doesn't interact at all. The advantage of using P2M is that as well as having an incredible control of your downloads, you'll make sure of having a high transfer speed, because the mail servers normally have a good broadband connection.

  Of course, as with any P2P network, there are webs specialized in MoorHunt links and hashes, so as to be able to find the files that you're looking for.
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