Tune into the TV on your computer by downloading MoreTV. If you have a TV tuner card installed you can download MoreTV for free and watch TV on your PC

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Watching TV on the computer can be done in several different ways, by means of streaming from the Internet or with a television tuning card. The first option requires a good Internet connection and, sometimes, a lot of patience. The second offers the quality and the security that if the TV signal reaches your living room TV, it will also do so on your computer, but for this purpose, you will need a program like MoreTV.

Make the most of your TV tuner card

TV tuning cards don't usually form part of the main components of a computer, nevertheless, there are various popular models that allow you to tune in to the TV by means of a USB pendrive or with an internal card, with them it is possible to receive the TV signal so that MoreTV can carry out the task of turning into the channels and showing them on the screen.

Obviously, the program allows you to record any program to have it directly on our hard drive and view it whenever we want.

The fullscreen mode is an option that is really worth considering because it will allow us to transform any ordinary computer screen into a television set whenever we want.

Requirements and additional information:
  • It's necessary to have a TV Tuner Card with a BT848, BT849, BT878 or BT879 controller.
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