Moto Traffic Race 2: Multiplayer Android


In Moto Traffic Race 2: Multiplayer you'll take part in frenetic races amidst the traffic putting your reflexes and riding skills at great speed to the test

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Moto Traffic Race 2: Multiplayer is probably not the best motorbike game for Android but it might be quite close. It's a great simulator that's very easy to use, with decent graphics and quite fast, not only due to how the action takes place but also in terms of loading times and transitions.

This is basically a motorbike simulator that is set, as indicated by its name, amidst the traffic. So you can race freely against the clock or do so online and in real-time against any other user... in turn, you can also alter the difficulty level because, as you know, it isn't the same to ride around a one-way road than a two-way highway, is it?

Different kinds of motorbikes and several riders

One of the greatest aspects of this game is that we can improve our bike. For such purpose, we'll start off with something similar to a scooter that hardly reaches 60 MPH but that we can improve with different nitro boosters. However, as we manage to score more points thanks to our great performances on the road, we can buy even better motorbikes... or pay for them from the online store, of course.

You have to be fastest but be careful with the traffic... and the drunk drivers.

These are the game's main features:

  • Three game modes: solo one-way race, solo two-way race or 1 vs 1 real-time race.
  • Over 10 different bikes to choose from.
  • Control your bike by tilting your smartphone or using the left and right buttons.
  • Choose between several different riders.
Requirements and additional information:
Antony Peel
Antony Peel
6 months ago
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