Mountain Climb 4x4 Android


Mountain Climb 4x4 is a game with difficulty progression where you drive a car throughout a mountain avoiding the obstacles that you find in each level

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In Mountain Climb 4x4 you will find a very entertaining car game. Here, you will not compete against other users but you will control a vehicle that travels the mountain in order to collect coins trying to reach the goal before time runs out.

Attentive to the principles of the laws of physics

What better than to try Mountain Climb, a video game that does not have a steep learning curve and that poses a pretty fun challenge of driving your car down the mountain, always attending to the behavior of the vehicle according to the laws of physics. Your goal is to collect coins and finish each of the levels within the indicated time to move on to the next one. These are some of the functions you will find:

  • Environment where the laws of physics prevail.
  • 5 different models of cars that you can unlock as you progress in the game.
  • Modify and customize aspects of the vehicle such as engine, brakes or visual appearance.
  • Three levels of quality graphics to adapt to the performance of each phone.
  • Different settings.
Requirements and additional information:
María Eugenia Morón
María Eugenia Morón
Silevel Games
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