Obtain all kinds of statistical data about how you use the keyboard and the mouse once you download Mousotron, it will also help you to be more productive

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There are applications that are only useful to quench the curiosity of our inner geek. Mousotron is one of them. It keeps count of as vital and important information such as the number of times that we move or click the mouse, or what keyboard shortcuts we use. Thus, you can answer such interesting questions as: How many kilometers do you cover a month with your mouse?

Surprising stats about your mouse

The program even calculates the speed at which we move the cursor from one side to the other of the screen. It's capable of offering us the data according to different measurement systems, the metric system or the Imperial system.

Although not everything related to this application has to have such a geek sense. Mousotron helps us to measure the time that we spend on each thing when we use the computer so that we can improve our productivity or prevent RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury).

Are you aware of the kilometers that you move your hand while using your mouse? Do you know how many keystrokes you perform during a month? Find out with Mousotron.

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Antony Peel
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