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Mov Recorder makes it easier to obtain videos in MOV format from the Internet. Download Mov Recorder to record QuickTime videos broadcast via streaming

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The main multimedia system by Apple is QuickTime, by means of which it is possible to play the MOV and QT formats and, also transfer video and audio via streaming over the Internet. It is a great quality implementation, but like the majority of products by Apple it has an inconvenience: its exclusiveness causes that there are few compatible programs.

  But there are always exceptions like, for example, Mov Recorder. It is a program that has been specifically developed to obtain the files in streaming that use the QuickTime format.

  Mov Recorder carries out with ease the recording of videos broadcast in MOV format on the Internet implementing the technology known as streaming. To do so, it has two methods: by indicating the URL of the video or using the monitor function.

  The steps you have to follow to make it work are:
1. Enter the application's configuration options and make sure that you select the appropriate network adapter.
2. Click on the "+" icon to add a URL or click on "Play" to start monitoring. In this last case, as soon as the application detects the playback of any contents in QuickTime format it will automatically start downloading the file.

  If you want to download any multimedia streaming contents that use the QuickTime format download Mov Recorder.
Requirements and additional information:
You can use this demo for 30 days. It is advisable to have QuickTime Player installed to download and be able to play the downloaded contents.
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