Safeguard all the information stored in your Mozilla programs by downloading MozBackup for free. Create backups of Firefox or Thunderbird with MozBackup

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Both Firefox and Thunderbird are very popular applications among computer users all over the world, and they are part of the collection of applications developed by the Mozilla foundation.

  If we have to use various computers at the same time it can be very tedious to synchronize our browser or email client's configuration, so it is highly advisable to use a tool like MozBackup, that will take care of backing up all the necessary information so that we don't have to be restoring our bookmarks or plug-ins that we usually use all the time.

  This program will allow us to save the following data in a file: the general configuration, the complements, the passwords, the browsing history, the e-mail and the list of downloaded files, among many other things, so that we can later restore them when and where we want.

  MozBackup is compatible with Netscape, Firefox, Mozilla Suite, Thunderbird, Flock, Sunbird, Postbox, Spicebird, Wyzo and SeaMonkey.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
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