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Download Mozilla Suite free and obtain the essential tools to work with Internet. Browser, email client, chat, HTML editor and more in Mozilla Suite

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Mozilla Suite is a complete pack of tools focused towards Internet. Includes various tools developed to work online, like the inclusion of a web browser or an electronic mail client among others.


  • Cover all your needs over Internet.
  • Includes web browser, electronic mail and news group client, HTML editor and an IRC chat client.

The surprises of Mozilla Suite

Use the browser to access Internet and browse your favorite websites. Allows the use of tabs, it includes a pop-ups blocker, image, download and passwords manager, advanced security adjustments...

Mozilla Mail and News is the mail client, that includes an anti-SPAM system that is totally customizable. Manage your email efficiently, organizing it using colors codes and tags, search the inbound tray... It also includes support to manage multiple accounts.

If you like creating websites you have to use Mozilla Composer, a complete HTML editor with CSS support. And if you like chatting with your friends nothing better than ChatZilla!

Does you live evolve around Internet? Obtain the best survival kit to make the most of Internet and all the possibilities that it offers once you download Mozilla Suite free.

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