MozillaCacheView is a useful tool that reads the cache folder of Firefox, Mozilla and Netscape and shows the list of files that you have stored there

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When you browse the Internet, the cache folder allows you to view the websites that you visit more quickly by taking advantage of the information that it contains. Thanks to MozillaCacheView you will have immediate access to this information.

  MozillaViewCache shows all kinds of information for each file: URL, kind of contents, size of the file, date of the last modification, date on which the files expire, name of the server, visits counter...

  You will easily be able to select one of more files of the list and export the data in text, HTML or XML files, or copy the URL list to the clipboard. It is also possible to copy the full list of files to the cache folder and move it to another folder or to any Excel or OpenOffice document.

  The software is very light, and it doesn't require any installation at all, thus you will be able to take it with you wherever you go. You will even be able to use it if you don't have Firefox installed: simply locate the cache folder that you want to check from the “select cache folder” option in the program's interface.

  Now you can download MozillaCacheVie for free and find out the contents of the cache folder of your browser.
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