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MP3 Galaxy is a P2P client specially focused on sharing MP3 files. If you are a music lover, you only have to download MP3 Galaxy to access more music

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MP3 Galaxy is a P2P software application focused exclusively on searching for and finding music, to do so it allows you to browse through the files as if they were in a music library.

  This P2P program isn't one of the most popular applications, but true music lovers will really appreciate the vast amount of files that can be found with MP3 Galaxy, from the weirdest classics to the last innovations.

  One of the advantages of MP3 Galaxy is that it allows you to search for songs, albums, singers, groups, and almost any kind of data that an MP3 file may contain. Furthermore, once any file is downloaded, the program will automatically organize it in its own catalog so that we can quickly find it.

  The interface of MP3 Galaxy is rather dull in comparison with other projects, but sometimes it isn't so important to go for a design if the software does its job properly. Nevertheless, the covers and all kinds of information and tags are perfectly visible and will allow us to recognize any album, singer or song with a single glance.
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