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MP3 Torrent is specialized in the download of MP3 files. Download MP3 Torrent to your PC and find your favorite songs in MP3 or other formats available

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MP3 Torrent is a powerful client developed to make it easier for users to exchange files. For this purpose, this program is highly compatible with the majority of P2P networks, whether over Gnutella, eDonkey, BitTorrent, etc. At each moment, the program searches over the network for the one that has the most sources for the files that we want to download, thus optimizing our bandwidth.

Options available in MP3 Torrent

  • Automatic connection to the network when the application starts.
  • Includes an integrated search engine, with the possibility to filter the results depending on the kind of file.
  • Follow up on the file transfer progress, both uploading and downloading files.
  • Management of downloaded multimedia files, that will be organized into folders depending on their format: videos, images, documents, music,...
  • Play multimedia contents from the same application.

MP3 Torrent is a valid alternative to download MP3 and all other kinds of files at great speed.

Requirements and additional information:
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