MPEG Header Corrector

MPEG Header Corrector can repair damaged and corrupt MPEG files. Now you will be able to rewrite the header of your MPEG files with MPEG Header Corrector

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On some occasions your files in MPEG format are corrupt or end up with errors that are detected when trying to play them. This can be caused by multiple factors and a possible solution is to use MPEG Header Corrector.

  This lightweight application can repair corrupt and damaged MPEG files. You will be able to make those files that you thought unrecoverable totally readable thanks to the capacity of MPEG Header Corrector to recover MPEG files.

  You'll simply have to browse to the folder where the file can be found and load it on the application. Afterwards, you'll have to choose a destination for the resulting file and press the “Fix It!" button, that will take care of the rest of the process. MPEG Header Corrector will let you know after fixing the MPEG files.

  If you have files in MPEG format that you can't play due to their conditions, it's possible that MPEG Header Corrector will be capable of fixing these errors. A simple MPEG file corrector will be capable of repairing this kind of file in simple and quick steps.
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