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Mr Hopp's Playhouse 2 is a horror adventure game that places us inside a haunted house full of perils and which is inhabited by a very scary Easter bunny

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Mr Hopp's Playhouse 2 is a horror adventure game set in a sinister manor house inhabited by a giant Easter bunny that is anything but friendly. It stands out for its retro graphics, which have an early 90s look, and also for the way it is controlled: using a virtual joystick and the buttons overlaid on the screen in 2D.

Discreetly explore a manor house

When you explore this manor house, it is important that you do so quietly, if not you will alert the bunny Mr. Hopp, as well as the tiger Mr. Stripes, and the panda bear Miss Bo to your presence. To do so, you will be able to enter rooms, go upstairs and downstairs, hide, and move wardrobes... but the different characters lying in wait will not be the only peril you have to face because there is also an assortment of traps spread out around the whole house, which in the best-case scenario will lower your energy bar and put your life at risk.

This is an interesting stealth and horror survival adventure with plenty of pixels and developed as a prequel to Playhouse, which also features Mr. Hopp, and places us in an earlier stage of the story.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.4.
Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
6 months ago
77.7 MB

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